Riverside Cemetery Tour – Sep 2019

Twilight Stroll through Denver’s Riverside Cemetery, Denver’s oldest operating cemetery. Our tour featured famous women of Colorado who worked alongside their men or without them to make Colorado the great place it is today! We toured the cemetery plot of Augusta Tabor, the scorned wife of Silver Baron Horace A. W. Tabor. We learned that he lost all his fortune in 1893 when the Sherman Silver Act was repealed while she kept hers. By the time she died, a few years later, she was considered one of the richest people in the state!    We also visited the graveyard plot of the oldest person living in Colorado, 111 years of age. It was a lovely day and it was a fun visit.

BGS at 2013 Genealogy Expo

Members of the Broomfield Genealogy Society at their table at the Broomfield Expo Day, 2013.

Historic Broomfield Photos

Below are photos of historic locations in Broomfield, Colorado.