The NoCo DNA Study Group (SIG)

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Facilitator: Longmont Genealogical Society (LGS)
In 2022, the Regional DNA Group will study the book "Genetic Genealogy in Practice" by Blaine T. Bettinger and Debbie Parker Wayne.  This Regional DNA Study Group meets virtually from 3:00 to 4:30 pm on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

This is a Study Group, not an instructed class; therefore, we need volunteers to sign up to lead/moderate future month’s discussions!  To be a moderator you do not have to be an expert!  You should study the chapter, prepare a summary of the information presented, and lead the group in discussing the chapter contents and the end of chapter exercises.

So please look over the book and pick a chapter for which you would like to volunteer to be the study leader. (Chapter 5 will be divided over 2 months.)  Here’s the plan for 2022, there are plenty of openings.  “First come, first served!”

Month Topic Discussion leader
January Basic DNA presentation Mark Fearer
February Study group kickoff and Chapter 1 – Basic Genetics Glenn York
March Chapter 2 – Genetic Genealogy Standards and Ethics  
April Chapter 3 – Genealogic Applications for Y-DNA  
May Chapter 4 – Genealogic Applications for mtDNA  
June Chapter 5 – Genealogical Applications for atDNA (part 1) pages 67-80
Questions 1-6
July Chapter 5 – Genealogical Applications for atDNA (part 2) pages 81-99
Questions 7-20
August Chapter 6 – Genealogical Applications for X-DNA  
September Chapter 7 – Incorporating DNA Testing in a Family Study  
October Chapter 8 – Incorporating DNA Evidence in a Written Conclusion  
November Chapter 9 – Conclusion and book study wrap-up  
December TBD  

If anyone is having trouble getting a book, please email Mick Mickelson, LGS Technical Coordinator, and let him know.

Monthly Zoom information meeting is as follows:
Regional DNA Study Group: 3:00 to 4:30 pm 2nd Wednesday of each month.

Meeting ID: 884 6480 2385
Passcode: 338304