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The Broomfield Genealogy Society mission is to promote interest in genealogy, supporting our members and the interested public through education and genealogical research. We encourage genealogical research through careful documentation and the maintenance of quality genealogical standards, to locate and preserve public and private genealogical records with a particular interest in those resources located in Broomfield and to help make those records available to the public.

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Goals of the society: BGS has the following goals:

  • Support our community of people interested in genealogy
  • Provide educational opportunities thought programs, seminars, workshops and tours
  • Provide a variety of resources for beginning genealogists and family history buffs

Meetings, seminars, classes/workshops: Ten months of the year, BGS hosts a short general meeting followed by a presentation on a topic of historical or genealogical interest; everyone is welcome to attend. Periodically during the year, BGS hosts seminars with a well-known genealogical speaker. Workshops and classes are also held throughout the year either by BGS or its associate groups.

Board meetings: BGS Executive Board meetings are held monthly via Zoom. See the events calendar for dates. If you would like to offer suggestions or attend a board meeting, please contact the BGS President at President@BroomfieldGenSoc.org.

Communications to members: BGS produces a weekly blog and six newsletters/year. We also occasionally email notices of events to BGS members and Newsletter subscribers.

Volunteering: There are many volunteer opportunities available for connecting with our fellow genealogists. We invite everyone to participate. If interested in volunteering, please contact our President at President@BroomfieldGenSoc.org.

Connect: Find us on Facebook and on our blog (subscribe to the blog by entering your email address in the “Follow by Email” box). Receive occasional email notices of BGS events and news by joining our eNews mailing list. If you have questions, please contact us via email.

Join us: No matter where you live, or what your genealogy interests are, join BGS and expand your knowledge through our excellent educational monthly speakers, seminars, workshops and classes, and website.